Malita Investments p.l.c share issue fully subscribed

“The Board of Directors of Malita Investments p.l.c. announced early on Thursday afternoon that in view of the encouraging response from investors, the issue of ordinary ‘B’ shares in Malita Investments p.l.c. was closed ahead of the scheduled time. Funds in excess of €15 million have been collected since the 23 July 2012 opening of the issue period.

The level of interest generated by the share Issue was such that the Company, after having received applications for an initial 20 million ordinary ‘B’ shares of €0.50 each, was in a position to exercise the option to issue an additional 10 million ordinary ‘B’ shares, thereby raising the total number of shares issued to 30 million.

Given that the total number of shares applied for exceeds the maximum amount available, applications may need to be scaled down in accordance with the allocation policy which is to be published by Malita Investments p.l.c. by Thursday the 2nd August 2012 in accordance with the time table set out in the Prospectus dated 2 July 2012.”