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Reference to Tender Clarifications -MAL/QRD-C/F/001 - Invitation to tender for Finishes works of 11 apartments and 7 garages at Triq Guze Cassar, Qrendi, Malta.




Date: 05/02/2021

Tender: MAL/QRD-C/F/001_1

 Question. 1

we have a question regarding the tender in object.




All the aluminium works have this two entries as preambles


All sliding windows shall be manufactured from heavy duty Export 60 aluminium section (insulated) or a superior aluminium section. Internally glazing shall be sealed with specified weather gasket in such a way as not to be disturbed should the gaskets need replacement. Externally glazing shall be sealed with proprietary clear sealing compound suitable for aluminium apertures all as per specifications. Drainage slot cuttings shall be lipped with nylon fringe surrounds.


Double glazing with 6mm laminated clear glass on the outside, 8mm air-filled cavity and 6mm laminated clear glass on the inside (unless otherwise stated).

I am going through the BOQ and I am noticing you are asking for
"insulated aluminium sections", by which I mean that it is Thermal break

But the same description is listed for the aluminium railings and glass
railings, which are not normally thermal aluminium.

Can you kindly guide me if I should go for Thermal break aluminium for
apertures and normal cold aluminium for railings or we go for normal
cold aluminium for all aluminium?



Answer 1.


We included the term insulation not to prohibit anyone from bidding for something which is better than cold pressed aluminium. If anyone can offer UPVC or thermal aluminium at a a good rate, you should take it into consideration even if the rate is a bit higher.


However as a general rule they should quote for cold rolled aluminium for both apertures and railings, unless they would like to offer both options at a good rate.