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Reference to Tender Clarificaitons -MAL/QRD-B/ME/001 - Invitation to tender for Mechanical & Electrical works of 26 apartments and 20 garages at Triq N. Sammut, Qrendi, Malta.




Date: 20/11/2020

Tender: MAL/QRD-B/ME/001_1




 Please note that there has been a typo error in the number of apartments in the Invitation to Tenders Appendix 0.  Kindly re-upload the file with the amended version.


With reference to the number of apartments on tender title on page 1, this should read 26 and not 65.


With reference to description of term "Development" on page 5, this should read: "means the mechanical & electrical works of an apartment block at Triq N. Sammut/ Triq San Mattew, Qrendi, Malta consisting of 26 apartments and 20 garages, as specified in more detail in the Employer’s Requirements".




Apologies for any inconvenience